Originally from Ohio, my family relocated to Fort Worth, Texas when I was just under 17 years old. I spent several years in the restaurant business, but at age 25, I decided I wanted to pursue an earlier dream of going to college and becoming a psychologist.

I returned to college and proceeded to march through three straight degrees over the next 11 years, while continuing to work 3/4 time in the restaurant biz, along with various internships and practicum jobs in my new field.

I earned my Ph.D. in 1998, and began my career, working first for Southern Methodist University, then in a private practice with a Neuropsychologist working with children in foster care. I found that I had some talent in terms of working with kids, and I eventually started my own practice, conducting psychological evaluations with kids in foster and adoptive homes, along with seeing children for Play Therapy and adults in private counseling.

Along the way, I also became a Certified Personal Trainer and a Beachbody Fitness Coach, because I’m a big believer in the Spirit-Mind-Body connection. In terms of the “spirit” part of that equation, I self-identify as a Christian, but that has not been without a lot of questioning, mental gymnastics, and soul-searching. I am happy to talk about it – or not talk about it – with anyone who is interested – or not interested.

It is my earnest desire to work with as many people as possible – to help them build a great life of well-being for themselves!