Personal Development

Hi – Jim Blue here. You know, sometimes people have problems in their lives that exceed their ability to deal with them adequately without help. There is no shame in that – we have all been there at one time or another. At such times, it is often wise to take counsel from family and friends, and, when called for, to seek professional help. I am here to offer counseling services to those who need outside, private, and professional help in dealing with those kinds of problems.

However, sometimes we have problems that are more temporary issues, or those which may be chronic, but not necessarily impacting our lives in a seriously negative way. These kinds of difficulties can sometimes be worked through by way of taking a course, reading a specific book, listening to audio programs, doing exercise, etc. – what used to be referred to as “self-help” and is now usually labeled as Personal Development. I am a big believer in the importance of actively trying to improve spiritual, emotional, and physical health in an ongoing fashion.

As part of my training over the years, I have read extensively on topics of mental, emotional, and physical health, taken myriad courses, and experimented with many different methods and systems of self improvement, personal development, goal setting, etc. As a result, I have compiled a long list of books, programs, audios, and other resources to help people in their own efforts to improve their lives. In the spirit, mind, and body sections of this website, I will endeavor to eventually organize those resources so that people can more easily find something that will be useful for them, given their particular concerns. Be patient though – there is a lot of material, and this will be an ongoing, evolving list!!

It is my great hope that you will find one or more resources here to help with whatever difficulty you are currently struggling with, or something to help with one or more areas of your life that you simply wish to improve, just because!! My best wishes to you in that pursuit!!