We offer individual adult counseling services to help clients with a wide range of concerns, including emotional difficulties such as anxiety, depression, self-undervaluing, etc. A large area of focus for us is on helping people who have experienced abuse in their early years (be it emotional, physical, or sexual), and who find that their adult lives continue to be hindered by those past issues. It is our strong desire to help people 1) break free from the bondage of past abuses; 2) rediscover a sense of their “true self” and purpose in life; and 3) get on the path leading to greater happiness and success in their lives.

Sessions are 50 minutes in duration and very focused on what the individual client needs, both in the moment and in relation to her/his overall goals. It is a collaborative process – psychologists do not “fix” or “heal” problems – they work to create a safe atmosphere for healing, and provide a framework, some tools, and feedback to help the client find their own healing. The safe and trusting teamwork dynamic sets the stage for the work to truly be therapeutic.