We will all die one day!! Until then, we should LIVE FULLY!


Okay. Disclaimer first: Pardon my use of this little meme – I didn’t create it and don’t know who did, and I’m usually not in favor of using popular comics figures with words that aren’t the original authors.

However, in this case, I thought it stated two very important points to think about. First, we ARE all going to die one day, and most of us do not think about that quite enough. Not that we should be morbidly preoccupied or consumed by the idea, but I think the average person probably avoids ever thinking about mortality, and I think that’s a mistake. Secondly, it is an excellent point that while we will all die ONE day, ALL the other days will NOT die! And those days – as close to ALL of them as possible – we should be doing our best to live life fully, passionately, and happily.

I like when little things like this make me think, and make me also reset my vision and perspective to living in the NOW, no matter what I’m doing, and to LIVE FULLY! Hope it does the same for you!

Your friend in building a better life, JB

Dr. Jim Blue, Licensed Psychologist, Personal Trainer, and generally okay guy.

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